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  1. Your nickname from the game: Djabba the Hut Defendant's player / admin name: Oscaro Date and time of event: 24th of August 2019, between 13:43 and 14:14 Name of the map: deathrun_arctic_beta2 Description of the whole situation: Well, I just want to say that Oscaro did a very good job today on deathrun arctic, he banned like at least 10 people who were skipping the map. He was watching, warning, and doing his admin job without questioning and hesitating. He was not caring if his friend is skipping or not he would ban his own friend as well. We need more admins like Oscaro. Just so this isn't only about Oscaro, "praise" for nerqu, Furion and Kolek . .. they were also doing good job these days. Evidence / justification:
  2. 100 years and all the best

    1. Djabba


      My birthday is everyday hahaah. At 11pm i always change date of my birthday.. Xdd my birthday is on 19th of April... 

    2. =DraGoN=
    3. KarolinaDaw


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  3. Please fix !call option on deathrun 1 server because it doesn't work I told this to @ Mochadżedin but still nobody is doing anything.
  4. Your nickname from the game: Djabba the Hut ( Defendant's player / admin name: Milu ™ ( --> (STEAM_1: 0: 177847980) Date and time of event: 16th of August 2019 between 12:12 ... and between 12:43 and 12:46 Name of played map: deathrun_castlerun_v4 and deathrun_deluxe_v6 Description of the whole situation: Again just insulting me and insulting me with no reason. Last time he got 2 days ban, and he still is doing it. Evidence / justification: 12:12 PM he got banned for 3 hours because of TT WISH .. not because of insulting me.. and he just keeps doing it. i don't have time to write every time he insulted me.. twice i wrote.. Next is between 12:43 and 12:46 on deathrun deluxe.
  5. I will give you MY OWN recipe for chocolate cookies. For best taste follow my steps (i use different steps than on internet) On Google, for any cookies recipe you will find one kind of steps in which You add sugar to the yellow part of eggs.. Etc Ingridients: - 550 grams of all purpose flour (smooth, easy flour) [maka uniwersalna] NOT PLAIN FLOUR which You can find on all cookie recipes. - 1 baking powder [proszek do pieczenia] - 150 grams of sugar [cukier] - 2 vanilla sugars [wanilia cukier] - 250 grams of butter (margarine) [margaryna] - 3 whole eggs [jajka] - 250 grams of dark chocolate for cooking [czekolada do gotowania] First : mix together flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar, normal sugar. Second : melt the margarine (butter) on fire.. When it melts leave it 1 minute because you will burn yourself. Third: while the margarine is cooling.. Just put 3 eggs in 1 bowl and mix them Together. Forth: add melted margarine and mixed eggs to the mix of flour and sugar.. And mix [mieszać] .. When it is mixed it should be a bit oily and greasy.. Take 250 grams of chocolate.. Chop it with knife so they end up In tiny squares, almost like peas.. Leave it for at least 10 minutes.. (you can leave even 2 hours..) You can put oven on 180°C and while it heats spread a bit of all purpose flour on table and take a bit of that dough [ciasto].. Spread it.. Take 200ML glass And make circle round cookies.. Put it on baking paper and bake On 180°C for 12 to 15 minutes.. For me 12 minutes is the best. If you like It crospy then bake 15 minutes.. When they are baked. Leave them 15-20 minutes On air to cool.. Then eat.. Or close them in something with lid.. with no air.. Thisn is how they look. Recipe by Djabba!!
  6. Is this supposed to be funny? Let me remind you, 1 hour ago you posted an application for admin. Which i give a huge negative, because you're not even funny. It's too much of joking and a lack of seriousness. I think that admins have enough job on this site....
  7. This situation says that he cannot ban immediately without a warning or without asking for explanation. Because he did it yesterday as well without a warning. or without asking to explain. Accidents don't happen twice in 2 days. Funny, we are still talking about it, yet i am still banned for 2 hours.. And you said it was accidental.
  8. Yes, and again i didn't do it on purpose. Like you see in DEMO. I don't have intention to argue with you, higher admins will see and decide.
  9. You can clearly see that when i was landing there that i tried to get to the red square. [END] square. Did you ask me anything? I didn't even have an opportunity to see what you chose on freerun.
  10. Watch demo before you comment. And you will see that you needed to ask me why I chose bhop.
  11. Your nickname from the game: Djabba the Hut Defendant's player / admin name: ADMIN -> Kolek (steam -> ) Date and time of event: 9th of August 2019 ... 2:26 PM Name of played map: deathrun_atomic_warfare Description of the whole situation: I am playing the map for the first time, I finish, and it launches me in the shithole, idk where i land idk where i am. I automatically landed on some button, and it was BHOP .. Kolek probably wanted something else, but i didn't have an opportunity to choose since I didn't know that i would be launched. I am banned for 2 hours .. He didn't even ask me why i chose BHOP .. i would explain him. Instant ban .. no warning no nothing. I didn't do it on purpose. HERE you can see that it is not his first time that he's done that. He did it yesterday as well. No warning, just ban. So this is just abusing the power. He banned me yesterday because of that in similar situation. But now i am pissed off. I still don't know why is admin abusing his powers like that with no communication. NOT AT ALL. And the worst thing is that I am probably not the only one that got a ban from him because of that. I just wonder what will you higher admins do on this. Evidence / justification: -> 14:25 or 14:26
  12. Usually, you need to go on this page : and find deathrun_arctic_beta2 .. which I will give you now this is demo between 11:37 AM and 11:57 AM. You need to put that under evidence. Also, put his steam account. Go to add friend on steam -> Recently played with -> Find his account and paste it here. It will be easier for admins Also IDK how you don't know how to report a player, as far as I know, you were an admin on deathrun. (but unfortunately you weren't active at all) . When you click on forum under administration, it still displays that you're an admin on deathrun.
  13. + You must explain him why did he get a ban, and warn him not to do that anymore. I don't have any effort out of it if he get's banned. What is it in for me? Nothing, after 2 days he'll keep doing it. So just explain him in polish or whatever language he speaks, what is forbidden and what is allowed. Thanks !
  14. Rules are simple. If terrorist chose bhop pestki, and someone goes old. warning/kick , then ban, easy.
  15. It would be nice since as a TT we have 2 options 1. Deathrun 2. Freerun When we choose Freerun it says: Free za BHOP - to put options when we click Free za BHOP to ask 1. Pestki (1 tap) 2. No pestki (No 1 tap) Free za AWP - to put options 1. Scope, 2. No scope Free za DEAGLE - 1. Pestki (1 tap) 2. No pestki (No 1 tap) Free za KNIFE I find it difficult since I usually finish first, and I need to ask (co chcesz?) bhop? pestki or no pestki?? So it would display BHOP:. but somewhere it would say PESTKI so nobody needs to ask anything.
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